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General Information

Menu, Prices, Charges and Guest Counts

Menu Selections

These menus are suggestions only. Our catering staff would be pleased to customize a menu to meet your needs. If you or your guests have special dietary requirements (gluten, dairy free, vegan, etc.), we will try to accommodate all requests as best as we can. Special diet requests will need to be ordered ahead of time. If you are planning a sit down dinner, we ask that you limit your entrees to two choices only. If more than two entrees are necessary (including vegetarian and children’s options), there will be an additional charge (usually a flat $100). Children's (age 3-10) menus and pricing are available. Customers may want to look at our hors d'oeuvres menu and picnic menu for additional menu ideas.


All menus include durable high-end plastic dishware (dinner plate, salad bowl, flatware and water glass). Paper dinner napkins and biodegradable cake plates are also included if needed. Or, for our eco-friendly customers, we also have all biodegradable service. Gaylord Catering has a complete inventory of china dishes and stainless steel flatware. Full china service is $5.00 per person (includes china dinner plate, cup and saucer, glass salad plate, stainless steel flatware, water glass and disposable cake plate). If your facility has china service, we can use their china however there would be a dishwashing fee for Gaylord Catering to wash and put away the dishes.

Buffet linen table covers are included in the price. We have linen table covers (available in white, black or ivory) for guest tables at an additional cost of $8.00 to $20 per table. If you would like to upgrade to a linen napkin, the additional charge is $1 per person (usually white but other colors are available). If linen skirting is necessary, we have that available for an additional charge too.

Service Staff and Extended Serving Times

We include one server for every 50 guests attending your event. For more elaborate events, more staff will be necessary (for plated dinners for example). Additional servers will be charged $35/hour per server. Servers will set the tables, serve the meal and clean up after the meal.

We understand that events do not always go as scheduled. If our staff is delayed in serving dinner the additional charges will be $35 per hour per service staff for each hour of delayed service. Please keep in mind that the quality of your food can be affected by longer holding times.

For wedding receptions: We will cut and plate your wedding cake for a $100. We will serve cake to your guests for a plated dinner.

Early set up may be arranged for an additional fee. If your facility is available early, we can cover your tables and set the tables with utensils and napkins at an agreed upon time.

Prices, Service Charges and Taxes

All our prices are subject to change without notice. We guarantee our prices 90 days before an event. Severe market fluctuation will result in price adjustments from time to time. An 20% service charge will be added to all dinner prices. (This is not a gratuity. A gratuity is at the discretion of the customer based on their level of satisfaction). Applicable state and county taxes will be added to the menu price, facilities fees and service charges.

Facilities Fees

Many facilities charge a catering fee for us to use their facility. The average fee is 5% - 15% of our food costs. Should your facility have a caterer’s fee, these fees will be added to your final bill. The fees are passed directly to the respective location. These are mandatory fees set forth by each location.

Travel Charges

For events outside the Madison area, there is an additional mileage charge of $1.50 per mile to and from your location. Additional staff travel charges may apply.

Final Guaranteed Numbers

We need an estimated number of guests at the time you reserve our services. We require your final guaranteed number one week before your event. Your guaranteed number can be increased, but not lowered, up to 72 hours before your event. After this time, no changes will be permitted. We are always prepared to serve 5% more than your guaranteed number of guests. If we serve more meals than what you guaranteed, we will bill you for a mutually agreed upon number of additional meals.


Reception and Class Reunion

We need an initial payment of 50% to reserve your date for receptions and class reunions. The down payment is welcome anytime but should be received in our office at least four months before your reception or class reunion. We will apply the initial payment to your final bill. Your deposit is nonrefundable. We will mail a contract confirming your menu and costs once you have decided your menu and we can confirm the price (within 90 days of the event). Your signed contract should be received in our office at least two months before your event.

Payment for Receptions

All receptions must be paid in full three days before the date of your reception. Payments can be made by check, cash or credit card (MasterCard, VISA, American Express or Discover). We accept credit card payments only if the transaction is completed through our office. There may be a 3% surcharge for credit card payments over $1000.

Payment for Other Events

We will mail an invoice the day following your event and payment is due in ten days unless you have made prior arrangements. Payments can be made by check, cash or credit card (MasterCard, VISA, American Express or Discover). We accept credit cards with prior approval and the transaction must be completed through our office. There may be a 3% surcharge for credit card payments over $1000.


Food Allergies

All food is prepared in a commercial kitchen that handles nuts, shellfish, raw eggs and other allergens regularly. If food allergies exist, you are responsible for making alternative eating arrangements. If a guest has specific dietary requirements (gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, etc.), we will do our best to accommodate the request.

Left Over Food

We will donate any acceptable leftovers to local homeless shelters and/or missions. The customer is entitled to take all meals which are billed for, but not consumed and have not been held too long. Said meals will be made available to the customer, in proper containers, at the conclusion of the event. The customer is not entitled to the 5% amount of food that the caterer prepares over the customer's guaranteed number. Upon acceptance of leftover meals, the customer assumes full responsibility for their transportation and proper storage. The customer agrees that upon customers’ acceptance of said meals at the conclusion of the event, Gaylord Catering Service, Inc. is released from all claims, damages, causes of action or liabilities which may arise because of the consumption of said meals.

Other Information

We provide our staff with a meal while working. Extra food is included to feed them and we do not bill you for the food. You will have to include your vendors (DJ, photographer, planner, on site facility workers etc.) in the guest count if you intend for them to eat. We are not responsible for any table or chair arranging or dining room lay out. That is your responsibility or that of the hall. We can help you with this if you need some direction. We work closely with your DJ and/or wedding coordinator. We ask that you provide us with the names of these individuals. We will introduce ourselves to them and work with them to make the dinner service run smoothly.