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General Information - Delivery & Set Up

Free Delivery For 30 Or More People

(except box lunches which is a minimum of 12 lunches)

Menus: These menus are suggestions only. If you do not see what you need, we are always happy to customize a special menu for you. We can accommodate most special menu requests such as gluten free or vegetarian. If you are interested in full service catering, please check out our all inclusive menus on line or call and request a copy be sent to you.

Ordering: Orders may be placed by calling the catering office at 608-222-1267, faxing us at 608-222-1487, or via email at Orders emailed must receive an “order received” confirmation reply to be considered placed. If placing your order via fax, please call to confirm receipt of order.

Prices: All prices are subject to change without notice. Severe market fluctuation will result in price adjustments from time to time. In addition, applicable state and county taxes will be added to both the menu prices, labor and service charges (if applicable).

Minimum Numbers (except box lunches): We have a minimum of 15 guests for events served from 6:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. A minimum of 20 is required for all other times. Some exceptions may be made.

Additional Charges: Additional charges apply when your event is scheduled at certain locations:

Cambridge Winery - 15%
East Side Club - 12%
The Field Reserves - 10%
Madison Turner Hall - 10%
Monona Community Center - 10%
Olbrich Gardens - 10%
The Round Rable - 11%
Warner Park Community Recreational Center - 10%
Waunakee Village Center - 10%

These are mandatory fees set forth by each location. These fees will be added to your final bill. The fees are passed directly to the respective location. Additional charges may apply at other facilities.

For events outside the Madison area, there is an additional mileage charge of $1 per mile to and from your location. Additional staff travel charges may apply.

Billing: Gaylord Catering is happy to bill our corporate customers, with terms for payment being net 10 days. If different terms are necessary, please contact our business office to make these arrangements. We also accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. For non corporate events, final payment is due two days prior to delivery. 

Delivery / Set-Up: We offer free delivery for buffet set up for 30 or more and a minimum of $250 (except box lunches). For orders fewer than 30 people the delivery charge is $12.50-$20. Delivery includes set-up, serving equipment, paper tablecloth, napkins, all necessary biodegradable dishes and all necessary serving utensils. If a return trip is necessary to clean up or pick up equipment, there will be an additional $12.50-$20 minimum charge. Our box lunch order minimum for free delivery is 12 lunches. If customer requests all disposable containers with their delivery (thus no return pick up charge), customer will be billed for the cost of containers. Not all orders can be packaged in disposable containers. Orders requiring delivery beyond the immediate Madison area may require additional charges at $1.00/mile and travel time.

Service Staff: We are a full service caterer. If your event requires on site staff, Gaylord Catering has professional staff to accommodate your needs. The charges are $25/staff person/hour. Our service staff would be available to set tables, change pans and clean up after the event. Or, see our all inclusive menus (Social & Wedding Menus) for additional dinner and service options.

Cancellations: Gaylord Catering Service must be notified of cancellations at least two days in advance. If cancellation requests are not made within the required time, the customer is responsible for the full payment of the order (unless weather related).

Extras: China dishes, linen tablecloths, napkins and skirting are all available at Gaylord Catering for an additional charge. Or if you prefer, we have a high end, durable recyclable plastic table service which is also available. Please inquire for cost of these additional charges. Customer must provide buffet tables for food set up. If you do not have tables for the buffet, Gaylord Catering can provide them for $15 each.

Food Allergies: All food is prepared in a commercial kitchen that handles nuts, shellfish and raw eggs regularly. If food allergies exist, you are responsible for making alternative eating arrangements.