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Gaylord Catering Service Beer & Wine List

Wisconsin Wines
Wollersheim Domain du Sac $28.00/bottle 
Wollersheim Prairie Fume $19.95/bottle
Wollersheim White Riesling $21.00/bottle   
California Wines
Canyon Road Cabernet Sauvignon $19.95/bottle 
Canyon Road Merlot $19.95/bottle 
Canyon Road Pinot Noir $19.95/bottle
Canyon Road Chardonnay $19.95/bottle 
Canyon Road Pinot Grigio $19.95/bottle 
Canyon Road Sauvignon Blanc $19.95/bottle
Canyon Road White Zinfandel $19.95/bottle  
Champagne/Sparkling Wines
Wycliff Brut $8.50/bottle
Andre Asti Spumante  $17.95/bottle
Domestic Beers
Miller Genuine Draft / Miller Lite (can be in cans too) $3.50/each 
Budweiser/ Bud Light (can be in cans too) $3.50/each 
Micro or Specialty Beers
New Glarus Brewery Spotted Cow $4.25/bottle 
Capital Brewery Wisconsin Amber $4.25/bottle 
Imported Beers
Available Upon Request
Other Malted Beverages
Available Upon Request

Additional varieties available upon request. Special requests, not on our stocked lists, are sold by the case only. Service staff is available at an additional charge of $25 per hour per staff. A service charge of 18-20% may also apply. An average of one hour set up and take down will be added to your serving times.