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General Information - Picnics


These menus are suggestions only. We would be happy to customize a menu to meet your needs. We make our salads fresh in our commissary. 


We will grill hamburgers, chicken breasts and steaks on site for groups of 250 or more (weather and facility permitting).If your group is too small to be grilled on site, the food is grilled at our commissary and brought to your event.


We will serve for a one hour period for groups less than 200. See additional charges if you would like to serve longer than one hour. All sandwich menus are priced so that each adult may have one and one half sandwiches each. If you have hearty eaters and would like to order two sandwiches per person, please call for a price quote. Gaylord catering can provide a buffet table if necessary. Please make arrangements with us to provide tables at the time of reservation. We use biodegradable dishes for our picnics. Buffet table covers are included.

Children’s Prices

Children age 11 and over will be charged the listed price. Children ages 4 to 10 will be charged $5.25 each. Children 3 and under will not be charged, however, you will need to count them in your final number of guests.

Pricing Information

All prices are subject to change without notice. The final price will be determined by your final guaranteed number of billable guests (not including children who are under three and are free). Applicable sales tax will be added. We require a $500 deposit for wedding receptions and class reunions. The deposit is due upon reservation of the date. Final payment for wedding reception and class reunions is due three days prior to the event.

Additional Charges

A travel charge of $1.00 per mile will be added for picnics outside of the Madison area. If you would like the picnic served longer than one hour, an additional charge of $25.00 per hour per service staff will be added. For picnics under 50 people, an 18% service charge will be added.

Guaranteed Number

An estimated number of guests is required at the time of reservation. Your final guaranteed number of guests is due one week prior to your picnic. Your guaranteed number can be increased but not lowered up to 72 hours before your picnic. We are prepared to serve 5% over this guaranteed number. You will be billed for your guaranteed number or number of meals actually served, whichever is greater.

Facility Fees

Cambridge Winery has a 15% facility fee. Henry Vilas Zoo has a 12% facilities fee. For picnics at the East Side Club, please add 12% facilities fee. If your picnic is at Warner Park Community Recreation Center, The Fields Reserves, Waunakee Village Center or Olbrich Gardens there is a 10% facilities fee that will be added to the menu prices. Additional facilities may require a catering facilities fee. This facilities fee will be added to your bill.

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